18 04, 2021

He wants him on the road.

The manager wants money. There has been so much promotion and the record sales suck, but he wants that foreign born former A+ list tweener on the road. Arenas have been waiting for the word the shows are going to be canceled, and the promoter is going to lose out on a bunch of money if the decision to cancel is not made soon. The manager keeps holding out that they can play some shows, especially in certain states.

17 03, 2021

Like a puppet master, this model.

Speaking of the alliterate model, she thought it would be a wonderful idea to have multiple exes at the show. She still texts the foreign born former boy bander quite frequently and had the close family friend/manager, pressure the award organization to include the former A+ list singer who gets more creepy as he ages. Like a puppet master, this model.

26 10, 2020

He just can’t help himself.

He just can't help himself. The A+ list manager acts like a spoiled brat and loves taking shots at anyone associated with the A+ list singer he hates. This time he took a shot at the A- list singer/sometime actress.

7 08, 2020

The talk host is going to quit.

The A list manager might as well give up being a butt kissing hypocrite. The talk host is going to quit. There will be no show for him to send his talent roster. The singer who will move up the list with her show hates the manager.

30 07, 2020

He still wouldn’t even come close.

She should just have been happy with all the warm wishes which were drowned out by more love given to a record release and her manager teasing news of another member of the roster going out and touring or the constant noise of the former A+ list rapper.

26 07, 2020

Whether they want to or are ready…

This A list manager has not been making money during the pandemic, or at least not enough to cover the debt payments he needs to make every quarter. So, whether they want to or are ready, each of his acts is going on the road next year to make him some money and pay those debt payments.

14 05, 2020

The donut licker is ready to walk.

The donut licker didn't like a few very recent moves by her manager as it relates to other stars under his wing, especially his biggest, at least in his mind. The donut licker is ready to walk. That would be a massive hit to the manager. She also doesn't like him always pushing collaborations with the B+ list singer who has her own issues and is always looking to find a sharp knife to stick in your back.

22 03, 2020

Apparently she isn’t paying for it.

This A-/B+ list singer all of you know, who started out in her tween years as an actress makes a lot of money to be sure, but she can't afford the 24/7 security that she currently has. Apparently she isn't paying for it. She hooks up with the record label boss every month or so and he pays that bill and others.