28 06, 2014

Perhaps she is just hoping that nobody will notice when her belly pops

This actress is pregnant. No, she hasn’t announced it yet. Her pregnancy is a bit surprising, though, because we didn’t think that her significant other was enthusiastic about expanding their family. Her personal life aside, though, we are curious about why she is keeping it a secret from her employer. Aren’t they entitled to know one of their main characters is about to undergo a significant body change? Wouldn’t that affect little things like character and the plot? Perhaps she is hoping that she can just double Spanx her way through it for the next few months. Or perhaps she is just hoping that nobody will notice when her belly pops.

24 09, 2013

The guy is slimy

Emmy Awards: This almost A list mostly television actress who makes a whole lot of money on her hot show should watch out for her new boyfriend. Our actress has been great to him and has ponied up a lot of cash to make him happy with gifts and other things but he is repaying her kindness by getting as many phone numbers as he can from other women. Last night our actress went to the bathroom and within seconds her boyfriend was hitting on women. The guy is slimy.