12 10, 2021

Reader Blind: Special bank account

What a lot of people didn't know about the recently deceased foreign born comic's comic is that he was married for a time and had a son although he did not live with his wife for very long. There is not much in the way of an estate or an inheritance for any of his loved ones or his heirs though because in addition to gambling and alcoholism he really spent a lot of money on prostitutes. In fact, his wife knew it wasn't going to work when he told her was keeping a special bank account for his "h.o.o.k.e.r money".

17 05, 2018

The truth is it’s all a publicity stunt.

This comedian, speaking on the record, has been strangely contrite in recent days. He now seems unsure of a verdict he used to joke about on a weekly basis. The truth is it's all a publicity stunt. What he has been telling former colleagues from his long running gig, and others he knows in town, is that he wants to lure the celeb in question onto his new show, hoping he'll finally confess.