10 04, 2017

Fighting about another woman and signing papers

Gather around, kids, because we have the juice on a celebrity couple that had a fight TODAY! He is a musician. She is from a musical family, but is better known as a reality star. Actually, they are both from musical families. We’ve told you before that their marriage is rocky.

30 01, 2014

She had to go down a size

This B list celebrity with A list name recognition who has also been in multiple reality shows and been around forever had to have her fake breasts reduced a size because she keeps losing too much weight. They literally didn't fit on the front of her body so she had to go down a size.

29 12, 2013

She is so weak from not eating that she can barely stand upright

This girl from a famous family is barely in her 30s, but it seems like she has been a celebrity forever. She’s had a few struggles in her life (drugs, alcohol, etc.), but one in particular has reared its ugly head yet again. If you’ve seen photos of her lately, she looks very thin. Can’t chalk this one up to a "healthy" lifestyle or exercise or a vegan diet. This is a full-blown eating disorder. She is anorexic. Of course she will deny it. That’s part of her disease. She has lots of responsibilities, but the girl is well under 100 lbs and is so weak from not eating that she can barely stand upright. It’s really bad. Really bad.

20 10, 2013

They are really skinny and bitchy (because they’re hungry)

It's been all about catfights these days, so let's just keep the trend going... These two C-list celebrities turned fashion designers are mostly known for their abilities to be really, really skinny and bitchy (because they're hungry) are close friends in real life even though their fashion lines are direct competitors. They attended an event together recently that two reality stars decided to crash. Yep, these two...who are trying desperately to get their own show, showed up to this high end charity event with a camera crew in tow, and completely crashed it. Why weren't they thrown out?

3 10, 2013

Celebrity turned her little sister on to pot

This former almost A list reality star turned reality judge and general celebrity turned her little (not legal) sister on to pot. That is what the sister said as she was doing lines of coke at a party this past weekend.