30 03, 2020

Is that essential work?

This not too long ago A list singer in a family band is leaving the house each day to go record at a recording studio. He is actually going there, but is hooking up with a woman at the studio so his celebrity wife won't discover the couple. Is that essential work?

18 08, 2019

He blames the woman every single time.

Every relationship this seemingly permanent reality star who is a celebrity offspring of a permanent celebrity crashes and burns when his significant other realizes it takes a LOT of time and effort to get our reality star to stand to attention so to speak.

21 07, 2019

Technically, barely winter.

One friendship will never ever mend, but apparently a different one with someone of the same name just might. It could also lead to a television reunion come this winter. Technically, barely winter.

30 04, 2017

She is really drinking a lot more than she used to

This former reality star turned celebrity turned reality star who is the off spring of a permanent A+ lister and has A+ list name recognition herself is really drinking a lot more than she used to. This is someone who had serious issues with substance abuse and seems to be getting drunk on an almost daily basis.