22 Oct, 2022

The Firing

Our actor actually was spending so much time in a city filming the franchise, he bought a house that once belonged to an A+ list singer. The story goes though, that the actor, who had cameras installed in the rooms, used them as prisons.

22 Jan, 2022

4 blinds in a row

Reader Blind: A few years ago my parents went to a Dead and Company show at Red Rocks in Colorado. During one set they saw, very much to their surprise, a small cluster of casually dressed security walking with this married A+ list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee, who was accompanied by a much younger (20s) and very beautiful Asian woman. / The A+ list rapper is out talking about his kids. The thing is though, he doesn't acknowledge most of them because they were born using surrogates. The one child who is his favorite, might not even be his, but is still his favorite. / In order to make herself sound a little better, the sister made herself older when the conservatorship started. In fact, the sister was 16 and pregnant, not 17. / This one named A list DJ who is also racist and an accused rapist yet still has his own channel on a satellite network is having trouble getting anyone to work with him who is equal or higher on the list. They all know what is about to come down and want to be far far away from him when it does.

1 Dec, 2021

So those flasks in his oversized coat were water?

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner, made a big deal last night at a very big event, about keeping the booze away from him and that he is now sober. So, the multiple flasks in his oversized coat that he sipped from the entire evening were water??

11 Mar, 2021

2 blinds in a row

This A list celebrity you either love or hate with no middle ground let it slip at dinner that she and her higher on the list husband had been vaccinated. When asked how this was possible, she mumbled something and changed the subject. / This A+/A list mostly movie actor who really could use another installment of his franchise to keep that upper A list thing going, took a se.x trip to Eastern Europe and his son is trying to sell a copy of all the recordings the actor made.

17 Sep, 2020

The humans chosen were recently deceased children.

I have previously told you about the film collection of this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and comes from an entertainment family. Recently added to his collection were films taken of atomic bomb tests that wanted to see the effects on humans. The humans chosen were recently deceased children. No adults.

13 Mar, 2020

Horror Show

Back in the day when it was used to film, this studio (Troma Studios) was a horror show for actresses who would go there. It is why there were so few actresses who worked for the studio. The word got around and the studio had to primarily use actors for any parts. The actresses would always be groped and pawed and often were sexually assaulted.