22 03, 2022

3 blinds in a row

This foreign born permanent A list model has been using/posing with a different child than the one she originally said was hers. / As the sentencing date for her rapist/murderer husband gets nearer, this foreign born A list rapper gets more and more confrontational with anyone who disagrees with her or calls her out for her hypocrisy. / One of the reasons this talk show was canceled so quickly is the distributor didn't want to be a party to the numerous sexual harassment assault lawsuits that are in the pipeline.

26 12, 2020

You kind of have to at least ponder the accusation and no denial this time

The first time could be written off as someone who was going through a very serious addiction crisis and wasted. The second time the former child star accused the A list host/radio host/actor/former spouse of a permanent A+ lister of orally servicing him when he was young, and dressed as a woman while doing it, then you kind of have to at least ponder the accusation and no denial this time from the A lister.

3 07, 2020

He did nothing to call them out.

One last comic blind item. This A- list dual threat actor/comic/host has a long list of comics which tried to hookup with the then 14/15 year old rapper/influencer who is now in rehab. He did nothing to call them out.

7 03, 2020

2 blinds in a row

The thrown under the bus actress is doing some talking to a friend or two. It was way more than a squeeze. There was an intense, physical and emotional affair. The word love was used. / The frequent feuder/host/wannabe actor doesn't believe in marriage, not because of the past, but because a huge chunk of his divorce income would go up in smoke.