22 09, 2022

He is not sober

The couple is not really liked by anyone which makes things even worse as they try and seek help

10 07, 2021

Success As An Early Bitcoin Investor

If you are a celebrity who is not a billionaire and therefore "immune" from pumping and dumping, then the next best thing is to get one of them on board with you. That is what this multiple Emmy Award winner/nominee actor is trying to do with the celebrity CEO.

25 03, 2018

3 blinds in a row

Why yes, that was this more than two named A- list actor/host all of you know from multiple hit television shows and even a movie franchise cuddling up to a person at a dinner that was most definitely not his significant other. / This peeking his head out of the closet one named permanent A list singer met up with a guy he had met online at the West Hollywood Target. / This B+ list dual threat actress focuses on bad movies. Even though she is B+ list she has A+ list name recognition. She was married to an A+ lister too.

25 02, 2018

It’s obvious the show’s owners are trying to cover up the likely continued involvement of the serial child molester’s company in the show.

This off-Broadway magic show just announced another extension to it's successful theatrical run. The show originally launched about a year ago, at a theater named for, and controlled by, the mogul you all know about. The show is produced by a beloved gay A-list mostly television actor /former child star, who dabbles in magic. Since the show's creation, a certain recently revealed serial child molester's company has been listed in the credits, also as having produced the show.

25 01, 2018

3 blinds

Most of the cheating occurred while he was on a very long running hit network show.This Vegas comedian most of you know who wears more makeup than should be allowed by law was performing recently. This foreign born permanent A list model is married to another A lister.

22 01, 2014

Waiter just walked out

This B list actor who has been on television a lot more than in movies recently has been in some huge movies and a fairly popular television show which is ending its run. The actor wouldn't take no for an answer the other night and kept hitting on a waiter who insisted he was not gay. Our actor was groping him and cornering him and finally the waiter just walked out because the catering manager wouldn't do anything.

9 12, 2013

15 minutes in the restroom was all it took

This A list mostly television actor who has A+ list name recognition and a very loving home life with his male partner loves to cheat. He has been in this space before and his partner has become extra vigilant. Our actor picked up a guy in a bar and told the guy they had 30 minutes before our actor had to leave or risk facing getting kicked out again. 15 minutes in the restroom was all it took.

11 10, 2013

That is one way to cheat

This A list mostly television actor who is incredibly funny and very talented and on a very hit network show was at a play the other night for about twenty minutes. He then excused himself and went and hooked up with a lover and made it back by the end of the play and couldn't stop raving about it. That is one way to cheat.