16 Feb, 2020

This is how she earns a living.

It is that time of the year where this former A- list rapper starts talking about A listers and what they did to her when she was barely a teen. They then write her a check to keep her quiet. It is how she earns a living.

9 Mar, 2018

2 blinds

I don't think it will happen while her A+ list mostly movie actress mom is in charge of everything, but it has not stopped photographers from trying anything to get this newly legal celebrity offspring to model nude. / This A+ list singer might admire the talent of this A list rapper but she still had to have sex with him before she could land that current deal.

9 Feb, 2017

None of the other women knew about any others.

You would think that someone who gets nominated for almost a dozen Grammy Awards would win at least one, even by accident. Anyway, this A list rapper who is a celebrity offspring has the perfect formula (he thought) for never getting busted cheating. He has women all over the country. About a dozen, When he is in town he goes to see them.