5 Jan, 2020

Why the actor got out…

I told you earlier this year that the Svengali was back in the life of the former Disney star turned A-/B+ list adult actor. Then, a few months later the actor almost ends up dead just like the last time they were together which is why the actor got out.

11 Sep, 2019

2 blinds in a row

At this point, the foreign born A- list lingerie model is just a puppet of the movie producer and sleeps with a random cast of characters that he finds useful to his business interests. / Another couple of people are about to tell their stories about the A- list actor from an acting family who is an Oscar nominee/winner and does not have the last name Affleck.

26 Aug, 2019

Lingerie model’s actress girlfriend is seeing others.

The foreign born producer/frequent yachter/puppet master of the former Disney actor turned A- list adult actor needed to borrow the foreign born A- list lingerie model so shared her with several business partners. In the meantime, the lingerie model's actress girlfriend is seeing others. They will reunite though, just wait and see.

21 Sep, 2013

Friends have been trying to do one on one interventions

This former A list mostly movie actor is probably still an A- list mostly movie actor. At the height of his franchise he was A+ but his movies are not that successful and having rabid fans doesn't translate into ticket sales. Our actor has also had issues with drinking and drugs and lots of women that have been made available to him by the same guy that ruined Zac Efron and have also made our actor not always up to form at work. Friends have been trying to do one on one interventions. One A+ list mostly movie actress friend even offered her place for him to stay for a month away from everything.