2 Jan, 2022

They were wasted all the time

Do I believe the former A- list teen singer turned meth head that the former A++ lister gave him coke? Definitely. The former A++ lister got parents and their offspring wasted all the time to take advantage of the kids. However, our former A- list teen singer tried coke long before the A++ lister gave it to him.

4 Mar, 2021

3 blind items in a row

As part of a side deal, the ginger haired one had to agree to not exploit images of family members for any profit ventures or ventures that appeared to be for profit. / While the alliterate permanent A list singer deserves our support in a lot of battles, let us also not forget the time she tried an end around to get control of the estate of her brother and leave his kids in the dust. / This A list mostly movie actor comes from an acting family and is an Oscar winner/nominee. Considering he can't stop the human trafficking in his own family, it is interesting hearing him marketing himself as an expert on the subject.

28 Dec, 2020

Underground recording studio

Want to have a tour of the underground "recording studio" the permanent A+ lister used to molest kids? Well, if you belong to this private club, you will soon have a chance. They are also going to make the bedroom where he molested children into a suite where members can stay.

16 Dec, 2020

The Keypad

When this needs help former A- list tweener turned case story for former tween actors was busted this past week, he was trying to let everyone know where the secret entrance was to this compound. There are lots of ways to get inside the compound. In fact, there are probably at least a dozen. All of those entrances have fixed cameras.

16 Nov, 2020

The direction.

The producers of this pay cable documentary sequel don't know which direction they will go in now because of the recent court loss of one of the main accusers of the permanent A++ lister.

12 Sep, 2020

The most outrageous secret is the existence of a baby.

As you know the B- singer/celeb spawn of a permanent A++ is going through a nightmare, personally and financially. Her most recent ex  has a lot of dirt on her as her ex group  does (you know, the same group she was taking down behind the scene with her B- actress friend). The most outrageous secret is the existence of a baby she had before she married her ex.

7 Jul, 2020

He was in many famous classic films.

This Oscar winning/Oscar nominated deceased A+ in his day leading man actor's most famous role was probably the one that won him the Oscar which was based on an equally famous book and might be timely in today's cultural climate. He was in many famous classic films.