27 04, 2021

She was told to get over it and he was just having fun.

This former A list mostly movie actress all of you know, doesn't really work much any longer. She has a slightly famous child and a really famous ex. She was threatened with being fired after she kept complaining that this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor kept groping her when they were filming a movie back in the day. She was told to get over it and he was just having fun.

25 06, 2020

They wrote her a check to go away.

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who comes from an acting family has a past he doesn't want discovered. Back when he had his first lead role in a movie, he sodomized a woman so brutally, she had to go to the hospital. Producers couldn't fire the actor because too much had filmed. They wrote her a check to go away.

10 11, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This celebrity offspring of an A list couple is barely old enough to drive. The thing is though, the mom treats her like the offspring is 30 and even set her up on a date with a guy in his mid 20's. / The former A+ list teen movie actor turned grifter has come a long way from the days when he and his sibling would take turns sleeping with women.

16 01, 2019

No one but the nanny and the actor know the truth.

There is going to come a time in the next few years that this nanny will not be needed any longer. The children the nanny watches are already to the point where they don't need anyone to really be with them. In fact, one is already out of the house and in two or three years, the other will follow.

9 01, 2019

She ended up having a seizure while he was choking her and she died

Back in the day there was a franchise. They didn't really call them franchises back then, they would just roll off a bunch of sequels until people stopped buying tickets. I'm actually a little surprised with the lack of creativity in Hollywood that no one has tried to revive this particular franchise.

5 09, 2018

He did not seek publicity at all for these acts of charity although he does mention them briefly in his autobiography.

This actor had a distinguished career – Oscar winner, commercial pitchman and a popular tv series in the 1970’s where he was paired with another Oscar winner who is the son of a permanent A list actor. This actor never forgot his blue collar upbringing in a Midwestern industrial city and did many charitable endeavors aimed at making life better in his hometown.

16 05, 2018

He continues to get more violent as he ages

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee continues to get more violent as he ages. His actress wife tends to spend as much time away from him as she can. She only shows up for family vacations and work events.

15 04, 2018

When she started staggering, our actor jumped in to help her out.

He was there not as an actor that night. He was there as a producer. There was the Academy Awards. All of you know him. Everyone knew him then and this was back in the day. He comes from an acting family. Depending on the generation in which you lived, it is arguable who was the biggest star in the family.

25 12, 2017

4 blinds in a row

This foreign born still one hit wonder got dinner, but got turned down by the guy she was meeting when she quoted a rate for an after dinner performance. No matter what she does to herself or how many procedures she does to try to keep looking young, this permanent A/A- list singer is always going to be cheated on by her A list boyfriend. Apparently he is unable to perform any longer. This A+ list mostly movie actor is receiving death threats from people he suspects are associated with his A+ list actress ex.