22 03, 2018

At least it worked – no award errors THIS year.

All during the ceremony, there were technical difficulties throughout the entire theatre. Before the presentation of all the big award categories, for exactly 15 minutes, all cell and internet service inside the auditorium would shut off. BLIP! Just like a disconnected phone or web router at your house. After the presentation? Service would resume. This continued all night long, and drove many of the attendees insane.

28 10, 2013

We’re sure he’ll tell her to STFU

This producer of a this hot film is not going to be happy at all when he finds out what his wife has been doing! Casting is an art. Sometimes the initial mix of talent you select for a project just doesn’t work, though, and you have to go back to the drawing board and try again. It happens more often than you think. In Hollywood, you are expected to follow a certain code when it comes to casting a big project. Publicity about your potential cast is welcome… as long as it’s controlled by your publicist and keeps people involved and guessing and doesn’t make anyone look bad. But you definitely don’t throw people under the bus just because your original choice for a project wasn’t quite the right fit. It’s not the talent’s fault, and they should never be blamed for your choices. This highly-anticipated film is going through some major casting changes. They gracefully dismissed the lead actor in a way that was designed to make everyone look thoughtful and professional and amicable.