17 09, 2022

3 blinds in a row

This three named rapper accidentally shot himself while in an argument with his on again off again girlfriend. Apparently he lost a toe. / This former actress turned A list singer will announce her split with the A list music manager sometime this month. / Being on a show with her two biggest supporters is probably the clearest sign yet that this west coast Housewife will not be fired.

23 05, 2022

3 blinds in a row

She is always offering to share what they look like with her friends. / It is going to be a very long year for the person who decides who the host is for the Oscars. / This is what the three named rapper/singer was talking about with his lyrics.

16 04, 2022

She is over it at this point.

They kissed and made up once a couple of months ago, but now the fighting is almost daily because of the substance abuse issues of this three named rapper. The A- list actress is over it at this point. They are about to be the first of the three similar couples to split.

11 10, 2021

Her kids were wearing a mask, but she was not.

This A list mostly movie actress took a break from sucking the face of her three named boyfriend and took a little tour in the UK with her kids. While wearing a Hufflepuff robe, she watched a performance with her kids. Her kids were wearing a mask, but she was not.

2 07, 2021

Paps were too busy with other clients.

Speaking of thirsty, this former A- list actor who is still technically married to his actress ex, called the paps to come take some shots of himself and his girlfriend. There were no takers. They were too busy with other clients.

9 03, 2021

She was promised money.

This foreign born barely there celebrity says the former A- list actor she briefly hooked up with last year promised her $10K, but didn't give her anything at all. She wanted to sell her story, but no tabloid was willing to meet her price.

1 01, 2021

Her face looks immobile

What soon to be divorced actress who got her start in a franchise has gotten even more plastic surgery done on her face that it looks immobile?

22 10, 2020

He was outnumbered 50 to 1 by women.

Earlier this month, this disgraced former A+ list director finally shut down his party room. He opened it in late March at the height of the stay at home order. Apparently he didn't think it applied to him and was having problems finding women who wanted to hit the casting couch. So, he started scouring Instagram for "models" who wanted to party and make a few extra bucks or become an "actress."

12 10, 2020

He always liked them young.

What the world is discovering and this A list mostly movie actress is discovering about her rapper boyfriend is he had a don't ask don't tell policy when it came to ages of girls he hooked up with. He always liked them young.