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October 25, 2020

They wanted to make sure they got it exactly right.

Of course they took four days to shoot the rape scene because these two A+ list mostly movie actors wanted to make sure they got it exactly right.
November 29, 2018

She is in demand for all kinds of A list men

That former nanny who made the news for all of five or ten minutes with news of her multiple hookups with married men is in demand for all kinds of A list men and that is how she makes her living. She even hooks up with an actor best friend of one she got publicly busted with.
March 19, 2018

He gets so drunk he can’t get up to go the bathroom / They hired a woman who comes over once a week

This B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister says her celebrity boyfriend who may now be an ex because of his obsession with young teens wets the bed at least once or twice a week because he gets so drunk he can't get up to go the bathroom. / This A+/A list mostly movie actor who has multiple franchises and is an Academy Award winner/nominee has been married for quite some time.
October 27, 2017

At least one of them better hope some video of him at a party with Harvey doesn’t come out or his story will go to crap.

After getting hammered in the press, these two A+ list mostly movie actors came up with a statement they have been sharing when asked about Harvey. At least one of them better hope some video of him at a party with Harvey doesn't come out or his story will go to crap. I think that is why his best friend who has swung and missed at several statements has been so on edge as of late.
October 14, 2017

So far, actor cares more for himself and how bad spilling will make him look

The wife of this A+ list mostly movie actor is staying silent about how they met so long ago. Yes, there is the story for public tabloid consumption, and she has stayed true to that version. The thing is though there are a whole lot of reporters digging into the past of her husband and she wants him to spill to try and keep her secret safe for the sake of her children.
June 17, 2014

Many will say the husband deserves what he gets….but will they say the same about the family friend’s wife?

This couple is A-List all the way. I actually like them together. On paper they are quite the perfect family....I stress on paper. The reality is, unfortunately, quite different. He was a playboy before they were married and she like, we all, thought she reformed him. But, she found out very quickly after their marriage that wasn't the case. Blatant cheating with costars and set workers, disappearing for days enjoying his favorite past time and when he is home, he is totally checked out. The public hears rumors of affairs and we see him away from home, but then a few days later there's a post of them all together looking the happy family and we all assume everything is roses.
May 18, 2014

He started doing one thing and it took only five minutes before the floodgates opened wide and he was doing everything

This very famous Oscar-winning star is in serious trouble. You probably know about one issue for which he went to rehab years ago. His publicists did a good job controlling those early reports, so you didn’t know about all the rest of his habits. You also probably thought that he’s been clean ever since. Not even close. There were recent reports that he was once again indulging in one behavior that had been a problem for him the the past. Actually, all of his old habits are back! The drinking, the cocaine, the gambling, the sex.
April 13, 2014

She is ok with the cheating on set. The key words being on set

This barely A list mostly movie actor who bailed on the franchise that really put him at that A list bring had sex with his co-star from the last installment he did of that movie and his fresh faced A list co-star from a recent movie. Despite all of that he still found time to have sex with his wife and that is all she cares about. She is ok with the cheating on set. The key words being on set.
February 3, 2014

She is still being replaced

With this couple spiraling towards divorce one can definitely say she did the best she could. She is a regular person who some say got lucky. He is an A+ list mostly movie actor. They are going to divorce because he found someone younger and who he thinks is hotter and who makes his ever reducing libido actually rev. She is probably one of the kinkier women married to an actor and he is going to be shocked at the number of his friends who have heard his tales that line up at her door wanting to ask her out. They are keeping their mouths shut about the marriage because they really want a shot at dating the wife when she becomes an ex.
January 15, 2014

She left her child with a babysitter

This actress used to be A list. Foreign born. Aging now but I still think she is gorgeous. Not married. Used to be madly in love with this A++ lister. Anyway she had a date the other night. Left her child with a babysitter. Ended up spending the night at the date's house but never bothered to call the babysitter who expected her home around 11 pm. The babysitter kept calling but our actress had turned off her phone. The actress showed up the next morning around 10 am and didn't even apologize or ask about her child.
December 1, 2013

Actor told his wife that he got someone else pregnant

This A+list mostly movie actor told his wife that he got someone else pregnant. Happy holidays. She won't leave him. That is the crazy thing. She has no other life other than being his wife. It doesn't mean she took the news quietly though.
August 18, 2013

He just likes to have sex with other women

This A list mostly movie actor who seems to cameo in whatever you want him to show up in is married. He has had lots of affairs which would probably surprise those of you who are fans of him, and women and men love this guy. Always in popular movies.