26 09, 2021

She did not agree to the clause.

Perhaps the rest of the members of this group knew what they were talking about when they wanted a clause in their reunion contract, that the nominal lead singer of the group be fined $1K per minute she was late to each show. If that were the case, she would be doing the tour for free. She did not agree to the clause.

27 06, 2021

The Competition: The head of the record label wanted no competition out there for his singers.

This singer was A+ list in a group and solo. She then disappeared from recording. Oh, she was still around and performing and things like that, but not recording. Why? Her debut sold 20M records. It garnered her a handful of Grammy Awards. Why would she stop recording? This album is on best ever lists. It all comes down to this. There were two singers, both solo acts who went on to release solo records shortly after this record debuted. Both of those singers (A & B) were on the same record label while our A+ lister was on a different one. The label head of A & B had information that would ruin the career and life of the A+ lister. He let it be known he would release it if she released a record within the next five years. The head of the record label wanted no competition out there for his singers. The A+ lister agreed to wait the five years. The thing is, five years passed and she was on to other things and her debut, is still today, her only studio album.

17 10, 2018

She doesn’t care about the fans. At all.

Please see the several other blind items I have written about the former A list singer/sometime movie actress/former jail inmate and her concert absentee/tardy record. She doesn't care about the fans. At all. She wants the check and if she feels like it she will show up and if she doesn't, then she won't. She already got paid most of her money before she even left the comfort of her home months ago.

29 07, 2018

3 blinds in a row

As part of her new tour, this former A list singer who is still A- list had to agree in writing to a clause that says she forfeits her night's fee if she is more than 30 minutes late for her scheduled show. / This former A list tween actress turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who has a little higher name recognition than her spot on the acting list was telling everyone last night that she caught her actor boyfriend cheating on her again.

27 07, 2018

These shows are a disaster.

A month before she even went on tour I told you to not waste your money to go see this former A list singer/federal inmate. I didn't even think the tour would go the distance, but I was sure, most nights people would leave angry and frustrated and wanting their money back.

9 03, 2018

2 blinds

I don't think it will happen while her A+ list mostly movie actress mom is in charge of everything, but it has not stopped photographers from trying anything to get this newly legal celebrity offspring to model nude. / This A+ list singer might admire the talent of this A list rapper but she still had to have sex with him before she could land that current deal.

16 04, 2014

Bad choices, drug use and she was gone

This entertainer (singer) was A list not that long ago. Bad choices, drug use and she was gone. A one album wonder. In the past couple of years she has been in the news for her erratic behavior. Anyway, in the past few months she has been stalking her A list celebrity ex and showing up at his NYC apartment and once got past the doorman and slept in front of his apartment door.

9 02, 2014

She has had a rough couple of years but hasn’t lost her diva attitude

This former A list singer/celebrity has had a rough couple of years but hasn't lost her diva attitude. At a charity concert, the former A lister made demand after demand and refused to speak to other performers or people. Her demands on her rider cost thousands of dollars and eliminated a huge chunk of potential profit for the charity.