26 01, 2021

The momager has found a new outlet

The momager has found a new outlet that is willing to peddle the nonsense about the dating life of arguably the least famous in the family, although, because of a past filming decision, one of the most meme-able.

4 01, 2021

This should set off some fireworks.

It should take about five minutes of discovery to establish that it was the momager who leaked all the damaging information to the tabloids about a mother of one of her grandchildren. That should set off some fireworks.

23 11, 2020

Radio silent

This A+ list social media star says the people grooming her went radio silent when she refused to go on a date with an A list athlete.

4 11, 2020

Well over 100 party goers and another 40 working the party

You would think at some point the momager/matriarch would be sick of all the hits to the brand in the past month. With none of that guaranteed television money coming in, you need to keep your customers happy. Maybe that is why they wanted to try and keep secret the Halloween/birthday party with well over 100 party goers and another 40 people working the party.

28 10, 2020

Still waiting on the receipts

Still waiting on the receipts that the alliterate reality star really donated $1M like she said she would do. She had no problem spending that on her trip.

22 09, 2020

Publicity stunt

The momager got involved in a publicity stunt with the celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister and also brought in the acting couple because they need some positive spinning right now.

2 08, 2020

Momager even peddled objects on national television

Over the past few weeks, people are taking a much closer look at the past of this momager. Specifically that time several decades ago when she was trying to push herself up the Hollywood ladder and dipped a toe or more into the occult. She even peddled objects on national television showing she was willing to do whatever it took to move up the list.

30 07, 2020

They wanted electroshock therapy

Several years ago, this celebrity was placed in a mental hospital. Certain people in the life of the celebrity wanted electroshock therapy used. They argued for it. They ultimately lost their argument.

28 05, 2020

It is embarrassing.

It is one thing to be state media for the momager, but when you are, you could at least get the facts straight and not refer to something years old that s not even referencing the family. I know the momager is desperate for attention because there are only so many in home selfies the family can take, but literally none of the article is true about the family member or the north of the border A+ lister.