16 11, 2020

Her last husband was cuckolded

This former A+ list singer/bridge burner isn't married, but is in a long long term relationship. Her last husband was cuckolded, so it shouldn't be shocker she hooked up with a record label executive to get signed.

12 05, 2020

This is why he was cuckolded.

The ex of this former A+ list singer has always been silent when it comes to his ex. Never a peep out of him about her and vice versa. It is unusual in the fact it has been quiet, especially because they do share offspring. Apparently he was more of a boss to her than anything. This is why he was cuckolded.

9 07, 2017

This was the reason her marriage fell apart.

In addition to cheating on her significant other, this former A+ list singer is back to her cuckolding ways. She has a guy she brings over to the house and makes her significant other watch her having sex while she belittles him.