5 01, 2021

He has a little scam he runs.

This now former A- list reality star who has been involved with the family for well over a decade, has a little scam he runs. If he is out to dinner and sees there are fans, he will take a few photos in exchange for them picking up his dinner bill. When they agree, he then orders a really expensive bottle of wine or drink which he would normally never do for himself.

9 03, 2019

2 blinds in a row

What red carpet host intentionally wore lifts in his shoes because he doesn't want to stand on a box when interviewing people? His ego is out of control. / This PR guy/reality star was given a warning by police last week when he was caught in a car getting orally serviced by another man.

31 01, 2019

Speaking of closeted

Speaking of closeted, I don't know if this part-time reality star full time suckup to this reality family is still pretending to date that woman he has been hanging out with forever, but for the past few weeks she has been sucking face in public with a guy who I'm guessing she is doing a lot more with when not in public.

13 01, 2019

Don’t worry, I won’t bill you for the pro tip.

The problem with the strategy for this closeted supposed professional at this type thing is this. You have to slowly introduce a new woman in your life and eventually the tabloids say girlfriend. You can't just leak to the tabloids you have a girlfriend, especially, if they have never seen you with her before. It just all looks planted and fake when you do that. Don't worry, I won't bill you for the pro tip. Oh, and just so you know. The A+ list reality star hated your Christmas gift.

14 10, 2018

He is debating whether or not he wants to come out

Our favorite closeted wannabe reality star with the reality star friends is debating whether or not he wants to come out. Apparently if he does, he can land a show, otherwise he will be still clinging to the reality stars like Lance Bass clings to the hopes of an NSYNC reunion.

8 09, 2018

Just impossible to keep it a secret for long.

This closeted reality star must be about to come out of the closet. There is no way this guy, who hangs out with A list reality stars can stay in that closet if he continues to hook up with guys from Grindr while he visits LA. Just impossible to keep it a secret for long.