21 09, 2022

3 blinds in a row

Apparently the ancient one who runs the show doesn't like her. / Husband insists on still living at his home / There is a crazy war going on between the staffs of both shows

19 04, 2022

Double secret probation for awhile

The recent history of drug abuse and some other problems are going to keep this former A+ list celebrity to the under 12 crowd, on double secret probation for awhile.

11 04, 2022

They think she can sell tickets.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of smaller producers who will give a movie role to this singer/dancer/reality star who is always full of energy. They think she can sell tickets. What everyone knows though is she can't act. It is basically stunt casting and hoping she has enough pull left with her fans to get them to buy tickets.

11 04, 2021

3 blinds in a row

This A+ list celebrity to anyone under the age of 10 says that this one name singer used to always hit on the celebrity when the celebrity was in her tween/early teen years. / This A+/A list singer/soon to be judge is cheating on her significant other so I am really iffy on the whole wedding thing she is planning. She isn't even sober or close to it, but this A- list singer is signing a long term deal with a rehab facility that will pay her for endorsements and her personal referrals.