30 08, 2020


With all of the controversy about the singing of a certain song by celebrities, I was also shocked by how many people think the person who sang it was some kind of saint. There was a recent movie that made it seem as if he were too. The foreign born permanent A list singer  was a serial woman beater and even admitted he had never been in a relationship where he didn't beat the women he was with on a regular basis.

11 05, 2020

Best man

When the actor got married, his best man was this deceased foreign born permanent A++ musician. Prior to the ceremony he and the actor consumed several baggies worth and were very giggly. At one point, they passed some to the Justice of the Peace and he also became a bit silly.

11 05, 2018

Their relationship in its day, though not public was an open secret, especially to their rock buddies who admired the couple greatly.

One closeted half of one of the best bands ever was having an affair, rivaling that of Shakespeare, with his long dead bandmate. The two first met prostituting when they were around 15 as they were incredibly poor. When that backfired, one suggested mugging dudes in back alleys but the more violently perceived one couldn’t do it, so they started an empire.