11 02, 2022

She was paid off

The singer with the country name was given a great deal of money this week to speak kindly about the person she had previously trashed.

2 02, 2022

I don’t think the podcast network really cares about what the think

Considering as art of their deal, they have delivered one underwhelming episode to this podcast network and sat for one interview, I don't think the podcast network really cares all that much for what the alliterate one and her husband much think. Now, if the top 100 singers/bands/writers all pulled their catalogs, then that would get some attention.

7 01, 2022

Pretending not being vaccinated

This A+ list host who holds down a lot of jobs decided it was better career wise to keep up the pretense of not being vaccinated than make a few bucks he doesn't really need.

3 04, 2021

The provider is trying to block their appearance on the show.

This foreign entertainment provider has had a difficult relationship so far with this prime asset - A comic and actor more known now for a show not on TV. The latest dispute involves two family members of people who worked on something that is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century.

26 12, 2020

He will claim it’s because he is losing money

I have written before about this loud and controversial radio host  before, and how extremely vindictive he is towards anyone in his particular corner of the talk radio world who breaks his narrative and doesn’t toe his line. Well, he just had another host on his network fired for doing just that.