30 07, 2019

A big show in court, but

A big show in court, but the drug dealer's wife is already hooking up with a married CEO introduced to her by the celebrity with the perverted husband.

6 12, 2018

We are talking eight figure payments here.

There was testimony about to be given in a very very high profile trial that would not only have brought down one leader of a country, but also would shake some very big branches in the current and former governments of this country. We are talking eight figure payments here.

10 08, 2018

The doctor was freaked out but the next day performed the surgery with several security in scrubs also in the room.

Over the past few months I wrote about the wife of this infamous A+ list drug dealer and her connections to the celebrity world in NYC who think it is all fun and games and cocktail parties when they see her or interact with her. She is treated almost like a party favor rather than someone who has the ability/connections to kill. That all changed this week. One of her relatives, who is now a very big deal in the drug world needed some surgery a few months ago.

17 03, 2018

Buying a jury member.

All that laundered money involving the foreign born infamous A+ list celebrity and his wife and her very connected political friend is being put to a new use now. Buying a jury member.