9 10, 2020

OnlyFans: She wants to charge $75 per month

This former Teen Mom not named Farrah, might not have been able to make it on a properly tested por.n set, but she doesn't need to be worried about testing on an OnlyFans page. The word is though she wants to charge $75 per month and thinks thousands of fans would be willing to pay it.

27 03, 2020

The public will make sure they don’t work.

This mom who became famous as a teenager thinks there are a million opportunities out there waiting to happen this spring. There aren't. It is especially true because she is still together with the reason there are no opportunities. The public will make sure they don't work.

21 11, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer is hooking up once again with a look a like to his ex. / A divorce in name only. / It is not a good look for this A+ list mostly movie actor to blame everyone else for going cheap on making products, when he was involved in every step.

9 06, 2019

He hasn’t even had a harvest yet.

The three worded nickname of the former cable reality star has been bragging that he has a pot grow. He has started thinking of himself as a drug kingpin and has been buying more guns and trying to get his friends to be enforcers, but there is nothing to enforce. He hasn't even had a harvest yet.