13 01, 2021

Another social media star got thirsty and wanted more followers

Once again, don't believe the hype. Another social media star got thirsty and wanted more followers so said he hooked up with the former A+ list rapper. When you are worried about someone suing you who isn't even an interested party to what you are alleging, but want to tag them for more clicks, it shows what you are really after.

12 01, 2021

Encounters have been infrequent since COVID

There is a lot of talk about the former A+ lister and his se.xual companions. There has been a lot of naming names before and no one has sued. One of these supposed companions who is A+ list in their corner of the entertainment world would be bragging about it, and wouldn't sue. There are some people the former A+ lister is "mentoring," and there has always been the A list designer, but those encounters have been infrequent since COVID.

24 10, 2020

That Is A Big Payday

This very controversial makeup influencer is probably the only one you will know for this blind. There are several others throughout the world that are also in on the deal, but you would be hard pressed to guess them. The controversial one and the others have signed deals, that when executed could potentially pay them many millions of dollars.

5 10, 2020

He will just keep bribing people

You would think the sexual assault charges would be enough to finally bring down this makeup influencer, but he will just keep bribing people with money and cars to keep on following him and buying things from him.