17 01, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This A- list mostly movie actor who probably will make it A when his new movie opened got drunk and hit on women right in front of his wife at a party this week. / This one named singer who also loves her coke doesn't want anyone to know the new guy she is dating is that accused rapist who produces music. / This A- list dual threat actor has multiple Emmy wins/nominations and will probably get an Oscar nom this year. He is also a heroin addict.

10 08, 2018

He continues to constantly cheat on his wife

This very large married actor is probably A- list. Still waiting on the huge box office popcorn superhero movie to be released to take him completely away from the television character that made him famous, he continues to constantly cheat on his wife. Apparently he also has no problems with the person he is cheating on also being married or having a boyfriend which is causing issues.

28 02, 2018

2 blinds

This former A list tween turned A- list dual threat actress turned too many demons from being raped and molested as a tween/teen to work any longer purged an entire meal at a restaurant this week. / This current A list mostly movie actor has had fame the past few years but nothing like this.

27 05, 2017

He is hooking up with a co-star

While filming a superhero movie out of the country, this married A-/B+ list dual threat actor who has had some big roles is hooking up with a co-star. Apparently not the co-star everyone would assume.

27 04, 2017

When she’s not at work, her favorite past time is drinking.

There is no better way to describe this actor than the word “hunk.” He had a memorable hunky part on that huge hit cable show a few years ago. Right now he has one blockbuster movie in post-production and two other big films in pre-production. His film career is definitely super hot and under control.

26 01, 2017

Where he is now he considers particularly fertile ground.

As is the case whenever he goes out of town, this A- list mostly television actor from a hit pay cable show who is going to be in a superhero franchise soon has been cheating on his wife. Where he is now he considers particularly fertile ground. It is basically where he found his fame.

4 02, 2014

The actor said he isn’t black

This B- list mostly television actor who had a great role on a great hit cable show walked out of an interview last week when a reporter called him black. The actor said he isn't black and it really ticked him off.