21 10, 2021

He said she is a special kind of crazy

Someone asked this A/A- list dual threat actor who made his fame late night, whether he would ever date this A-/B+ list alliterate actress again. He said she is a special kind of crazy and would not be dating her again.

7 01, 2021

Actress banned from ever working again

It has been 12 hours and already this A+ list mostly movie actor is trying to get this B+ list alliterate actress banned from ever working again after she called out the actor for se.xually assaulting her.

2 11, 2020

Actress was trying to get a child support bump

This could get messy. I told you a few months ago, the alliterate A-/B+ list actress was trying to get a child support bump. The dad said no. I really thought he would cave so this wouldn't head into the courts and become public.

11 09, 2020

4 blinds in a row

This alliterate actress who is probably B+ list even though all of you know the name, recently hit up her child's father and got a 40% increase in child support. It is much easier to get those increases when the dad doesn't want his name going public. / This always pretending to be sober A- list singer was actually ordering drinks in public. Guess that shoots down those pregnancy rumors too. / This A+ list country singer/reality star is drinking again. His A list ex will tell you why that is the worst thing in the world. / This east coast Housewife was a drunken mess at a brunch this weekend. She is even worse than she used to be.

29 09, 2019

He cheated on the actress on an almost daily basis.

I'm sure that this former A list mostly television actor who mostly bombed at movies told his ex wife that an alliterate actress cheated on him. What he probably didn't mention is that he cheated on the actress on an almost daily basis.

11 11, 2018

3 blinds in a row

The girlfriend of this closeted foreign born permanent A list singer must have read the blinds yesterday about the young model supplied to the singer while on tour because she had a social media meltdown beginning right after the post was published. / Our favorite alliterate B+ list actress recently broke up with a married man who told her he was single. / I kind of joked about it before, but apparently this former A+ list singer turned jam band participant/late night obsession is kind of going a little overboard in his creepiness for this B/B- list actress/celebrity offspring.

10 07, 2018

He likes it that way so he can hook up with her from time to time

Once again, this former B/B- list celebrity who enjoys excess partying has chased away another suitor of his A-/B+ list actress ex all of you know. He likes it that way so he can hook up with her from time to time even though he himself puts no such restrictions on the number of women he nauseates each week.

24 06, 2018

He lets her pay all the bills.

This alliterate A- list (but really B+, but she recently bought me a drink, well not specifically me, we were all at a table and she bought the group a drink, so I gave her a little boost to A- for this one blind) mostly television actress says that her now ex who is a former network reality star wannabe actor cheated on the actress on a milestone kind of day for the actress and then completely broke it off for his new love who is a celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister or two.

6 06, 2018

She just won’t go on the record yet because she is scared what happened to the other woman will happen to her.

I love a good bar. I especially love a good open bar. You know who else loves an open bar? This alliterate B+ list mostly television actress. I usually bump her up to A- when we drink because she lets me ask her about things. If I ever see her away from a bar, she is pretty aloof and shy and runs away as fast as she can from anything to do with any kind of talking other than what she is working on.