28 05, 2021

Actor is laying low

This disgraced A- list actor is laying low because apparently there are several other underage people who are set to come forward with accusations to make against him.

24 05, 2021

When she didn’t break, she knew her days were numbered in acting.

By the end of this year, we will hear more about the beginning of the end as it pertains to this foreign born former A/A- list mostly movie actress. She was never the greatest actress, and was more of a name, but she realized early on that she had enough in the bank to not have to play the Hollywood game. She got lucky as a tween/teen because the projects she was working on, the higher ups were more interested in molesting the boys than the girls.

15 05, 2021

The stoner says he doesn’t know if he will work with the actor again.

This A list stoner comic actor is straight up lying to interviewers at this point about his relationship with the disgraced A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family. The stoner says he doesn't know if he will work with the actor again. They are LITERALLY working together now. If you are a reporter, you can't let these statements go unchallenged.

13 04, 2021

He thought a lot of the actions were funny.

So far, this foreign born A+/A list comic actor has been way off on the side as his frequent co-star/best friend/A- list disgraced actor from an acting family has been slammed in the media and by actresses for the past few years. That is about to change. The foreign born comic actor is complicit and enabled a lot of the behavior of the disgraced actor. He thought a lot of the actions were funny. Don't forget, this is the actor who got a pass after saying rape could be funny.

17 10, 2020


Even though the leaders of NXIVM are looking forward to jail, it doesn't mean there are not others out there looking to take their best shot at being a se.x cult leader. There is one out there who, from his various websites, looks like he has taken multiple approaches. Rather than NXIVM's route of motivation classes, this particular group are using theatre classes and workshops and experimental theatre and willingness to be nude in all of it to find their recruits.

18 04, 2020

2 blinds in a row

The A- list disgraced actor from an acting family tried to get some positive publicity by getting a pap to take his photo with his girlfriend. He must have kissed her butt to keep her from leaving him. / It would not be the first time that this north of the border A- list crooner would be accused of abuse. Usually it is accompanied by cheating, but he has been accused of beating other women too.

16 03, 2020

Bring on the celebrity CEO and the disgraced actor.

The ongoing legal case between this former couple has exposed that the A- list actress is abusive. We already knew that. One thing that was only implied, rather than explicitly stated is the actress was with certain men only for the fame or money they could bring her and she fakes it with all men. Bring on the celebrity CEO and the disgraced actor.

11 03, 2020

Scenes was supposed to be kept quiet.

In a response to a legal motion, this disgraced A- list actor from a family of actors had no idea that his next level of treachery would be exposed by his own attorneys. A master class on se-x scenes was supposed to be kept quiet.

21 02, 2020

3 blinds in a row

Think this A-/B+ list mostly movie actor from an acting family knows the other actor in the family has hit on the wife of the A-/B+ list actor? / This A- list dual threat actor recently picked up a fairly big award. He celebrated by ditching his wife and spending time with a woman who walks dogs. / Speaking of cheating, it looks like this host of multiple shows on differing networks is trading in his long time girlfriend for a flight attendant he has long been hooking up with but decided to make more permanent.