16 11, 2020

Don’t believe the hype

Don't believe the hype, this Jeffrey Epstein loving, former A+ list actor was never dating anyone for over a decade. It was all about promoting a single for a singer.

25 01, 2017

It was a chance thing. A coincidence.

It was a chance thing. A coincidence. Are those two, the same thing? I think of chance being more magical than a coincidence. The magical does not necessarily have to be good however. Anyway, I had not seen this actor in about a decade at this point. Then, one Friday night we literally ran into each other in a Vegas hotel lobby. Hugs were exchanged and then he showed me that he is in massively better shape than me and proceeded to remind me of it for the next three hours. The smiles and hugs were genuine. We might not go looking for each other, but when we see each other we have that bond that can only be shared with a few other people from our past.