29 08, 2018

Our actress has no access to cash.

This former A list mostly television actress who was on three separate network hits is trying to get people to smuggle dr*gs into rehab. It is what she spends most of her day doing.

3 07, 2018

No one is going to believe what she says

This former A list mostly television actress from some hit shows back in the day is going to have to do some trading to get out of her latest jam. The thing is right now, no one is going to believe what she says, which is a shame because she could bring some very big names down. Very big. The biggest.

13 04, 2018

Most if not all the models posing in these water company ads are available for a price.

This celebrity offspring model-actress-whatever of two stars is in bad shape. Like dangerous, trainwreck type of bad shape. After being asked to take a break from college, by the college, due to her partying/drugs/sex, she needs lots of help, prayers, and rehab. Last year she was affiliated with a high-price escort service run by a sleazy paparazzi agent (who uses bottled water ads as a catalog of available girls).

18 12, 2017

She Wants To Talk. Here is what happened.

She Wants To Talk: With everything that is going on right now, this former A list mostly television actress (MD) who all of you know, wanted to talk about something that has been bothering her for almost two decades. When she confronted this former A+ list mostly television actor (ML) about it, he threatened not only her life, but also with financial ruin from his legal team.

18 10, 2017

Then one night, his world changed forever.

Another classic Himmmm blind. Again, I have only replaced names with a description and removed some easy identifiers. I have left his writing intact. The REAL story I wanted to share with you has to do with more recent times.

8 09, 2017

In the past couple of weeks she took a pill she thought was Oxy

If this had happened anywhere besides a sound stage, this actress would be dead. End of story. She used to be A list on television. She has been on television for about three decades. Her first show might have been her biggest. If you want to make an argument for her most recent effort, you could do so, but way more people watched the first show.