13 10, 2021

He doesn’t want an American.

Our favorite foreign born closeted A/A- list mostly television actor has been trying to find a girlfriend that can really beard well. He doesn't want an American.

30 12, 2020

Don’t believe the hype.

Don't believe the hype. This A+ list ranting actor isn't dating his co-star. She also doesn't have the thirst to get sucked into that career sucker.

13 12, 2016

She says they are a part of her life and her being.

In the wreckage that has been the new fall television season, one show didn’t last very long at all. If you know the history of the lad actress it is really not that big of a shock. She had a surefire hit also canceled in fairly quick order. She is working her way out of one of the biggest, farthest reaching franchises and it is all about drugs. Not the traditional drugs you might find on set. No coke or meth or pills or pot. Nope.