7 01, 2021

Celebrity Money Laundering

There is no doubt this massive monopoly launders money. It is one of the largest money laundering operations on the planet. It also isn't just for criminals, although, they do make up the vast majority of the people who use it. The crazy thing is banks are involved in it which seems odd, considering the front of the business. It is a very murky world of companies and fronts and shell companies, but every single one of you reading this, knows its most famous brand.

28 07, 2020

She got busted calling out the celebrity CEO boyfriend

This one named north of the border singer got busted calling out the celebrity CEO "boyfriend" for being a wasted/barely functioning drug addict/absent father and then decided to blame it on her record company. Yeah, that is something they would do for sure.

19 06, 2020

Afraid of ticked off customers?

Back when everyone could still go out, but while the north of the border singer was pregnant, the celebrity CEO would go out to dinner with her in various Beverly Hills restaurants. Two security guys would stand next to the table to the point where usually restaurants had to leave a surrounding table, and sometimes two, empty.

29 05, 2020

So, the girlfriend is just a friend?

The A- list actress must be feuding with the celebrity CEO because she is spilling that he is hooking up with a woman who used to hook up with the actress. So, the girlfriend is just a friend?

4 05, 2020

I mean, look at in a mirror right?

You know things are bad when the one name north of the border singer thinks someone else has a drug problem. I mean, look at in a mirror right? She told a friend this morning, "Add (erall) and coke. He better crash soon. Out of control."

17 07, 2019

She can’t afford it on her own.

The detailed description of the daily regime of the one named foreign born singer left out all of the illegal drugs she uses each day and the person who finances this incredibly expensive regimen - the celebrity CEO. She can't afford it on her own.

20 06, 2019

The one named singer doesn’t enjoy that activity.

Think this celebrity CEO has thin skin? You would be right. If you own one of his products and complain, he can make your life miserable through all those little back doors. Speaking of back doors, apparently that is why he turns to the A- list actress. The one named singer doesn't enjoy that activity.