1 03, 2021

Just to make sure she still looks scary skinny.

I generally only talk about this celebrity during this time of the year. She told someone last night that she had tried not to eat anything for the past week and chain smoked a pack of smokes a day during that time period too, to make sure we can see that she is still scary skinny.

20 10, 2020

She faked COVID

This former host who now does red carpets faked COVID. Without red carpets or any other hosting gigs, the thirst became too much for her and she wanted attention.

9 02, 2018

2 SAG Awards Blinds

More than one person was busted taking photos of this barely a teenager when she would lean over. The actress, who stars on an almost television show had not worn a bra and at least one of the sick photographers who took a picture is a pap. / The publicist for this married A- list actress gave this red carpet host you all know a bunch of grief because for once in her life the host asked a tough question about a relative of the actress. It is probably the last time the host will ask such a question.

9 01, 2018

5 blinds

This former one season wonder turned celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity has been hooking up with an assistant which is probably news to his A list celebrity wife/former host/former reality star. I had no idea this B+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was getting married. He was showing how much he cares for his supposed love of his life. He apparently met her when he was filming outside the country. His last loan, from a foreign born permanent A list celebrity has not been paid back which has caused a rift between the pair.

23 03, 2014

One of those women has been sending the wife little anonymous notes that only someone who could have seen the husband naked would know

This B list reality star who has been in more than one reality show has a B list reality star wife. The husband thinks everything is locked down tight with the one or two women he cheats on his wife with, with all types of agreements. The thing is though, one of those women has been sending the wife little anonymous notes that only someone who could have seen the husband naked would know. It would crush her perfect little world if this comes out.

4 03, 2014

She is a billboard

This B list reality star/celeb/host has her agent find at least one company per day that is willing to pay our B lister to pose with a product. There are no photo shoots or going on set somewhere for a day. Our B lister finds out what the product is and gets paid and then sends her assistant out to pick one up and then poses with the item in her office or on the street or takes a selfie with the item in the background. She makes an extra $25K a week doing this. Anything you see her with or wear or use has been bought one way or the other. She is a billboard.