30 09, 2020

He might not actually be the father.

I have previously told you that the pregnancy involving a celebrity offspring who is much higher on the list than her parental unit but way down the list compared to another relative happened during some ex se.x. There is some buzz that perhaps the ex turned boyfriend again, might not actually be the father.

29 09, 2020


This celebrity offspring who has exceeded the parental unit on the list has split with her on again off again ex, despite the upcoming life event.

30 06, 2020

2 blinds in a row

This A list producer who backs down like a baby when confronted by anyone he can't bully bailed on seeing his kids on Father's Day. / Considering how often this A- list actress takes breaks from her actor boyfriend, I'm guessing the pregnancy thing happened during makeup se-x.

30 05, 2020

She didn’t need that struggle in her life.

Definitely the second most famous in this acting family is this A- list actress. Her alcoholic actor boyfriend was too much to deal with full time during quarantine, and she has been spending more time alone. Good for her. She didn't need that struggle in her life.

6 02, 2020

Our actress is not confining it to booze

This A-/B+ list celebrity offspring is back using again, which everyone could see coming when she started dating the actor/booze lover. Our actress is not confining it to booze though, she is back also doing coke.

17 08, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This celebrity who also happens to be an A+ list winter sports athlete most of you should know should be grateful there wasn't someone who called her for drug testing after the weekend she had. / The A- list celebrity offspring/addict and her drunken B+ list actor boyfriend got into a crazy argument at her place the other night which ended with smashed windows and broken dinnerware all over the house. / The alliterate former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned esc-ort was at a recent film festival and told producers she is definitely up for hitting the casting couch of any were interested.

16 07, 2019

He has been fired from lots of things for his drinking.

This foreign born A- list actress who is a very good actress and has been nominated/won for her acting says her A-/B+ list co-star has not shown up for filming of a movie sober even one day. He has been fired from lots of things for his drinking. He and the substance abusing offspring are probably not the best match as a couple because of it.

16 04, 2018

Don’t believe the hype.

Don't believe the hype. The only man this A+ list mostly movie actress is hooking up with is that married U.N. higher up. Now, if an actress came her way, she would be very open to it because she gets bored with the nannies.

29 04, 2014

Part of the problem is her drinking

This former A list mostly movie actress who was really close to A+ at one point while doing a franchise has slipped to mostly doing indies. Part of the problem is her drinking. She also recently lost her boyfriend who finally threw in the towel after he caught her cheating again following a booze soaked night of partying.