25 10, 2017

She supports an entire children’s writing camp in NYC.

Right now, this A- list mostly television actress is doing the true crime kind of thing. She has been A list in the past. She starred in her own pay cable show and is maybe best known for another. Anyway, she supports an entire children's writing camp in NYC.

8 01, 2014

He was also asking how come she was not being affectionate

This aging but not old B- list mostly television actress who is only B- because she is on a huge cable hit show was at a restaurant on Friday night and ordered dinner. Ten minutes later her date arrived and when he found out she already ordered dinner he went ballistic and started berating her in front of several other diners. This went on for three or four minutes and he kept bringing it back up all night while also asking how come she was not being affectionate.

17 10, 2013

She is sick but won’t talk about it

This B list actress who was on a very hit premium cable show and is beloved because of it, is sick but won't talk about it. She has huge clumps of her hair that are falling out and unlike the last time this happened to her a few years ago she is having to wear a wig because it is leaving bald patches.

14 09, 2013

She had a recurrence of her cancer

This almost A list mostly television actress who goes from show to show like a treadmill has A list name recognition. She also has had a recurrence of her cancer. She seems pretty hopeful.