9 07, 2021

What is happening here?

Just a few hours after my blind item yesterday about the elderly rapist comedian, he made an announcement confirming the blind. A comic who hated him for years and years and made him the subject of a long bit in one of his movies, is permanently A list now and is offering to go on tour with the comic. What is happening here?

10 11, 2019

2 blinds in a row

Why yes, that was a man who sneaked into the backseat of a waiting SUV which soon had this closeted permanent A list comic actor jump inside. I think the actor over compensates by having a lot of children.

28 06, 2018

So, why does she stick around after all that? The money.

You know who you don't see out and about as much? This permanent A list mostly movie actor and his significant other. They used to make daily appearances you could set a watch to, but now, they rarely venture out of the gates of his huge compound up that long canyon road.

1 03, 2018

He has cheated on all of his girlfriends because of his obsession with happy ending massage parlors

This half of a brotherly duo in film likes to pretend he grew up very poor. He is rebooting one of the more famous movies of the past three decades. A movie that made the career of this A+ lister. This producer/writer has cheated on all of his girlfriends because of his obsession with happy ending massage parlors. It is a rare day when he doesn't go to one. When he was in college he used to always try and pressure women to orally service him.

27 05, 2017

The least he could’ve done is wrapped it.

I was talking to a cop recently that used to work the beat in New York and she informed me that this former A list actor, who allegedly has a thing for other gentlemen, would curb crawl outside the popular transvestite clubs, pull down his limo window and invite them to a private party in his hotel room for a raw night. The least he could've done is wrapped it.

23 05, 2017

It turns out it was our actor who was lying. ALL of these things came out in one night. All of it. It was the fight of fights.

I hadn’t thought about this one in awhile when I saw one of the subjects in the news today and it brought it all back. This happened not even a decade ago, but not many people probably remember it. It involves a permanent A list mostly movie actor and a celebrity who at the time was not that high on the celebrity list and known more for who she had been married to. Things are hot and heavy between our couple and they decide they should take things to the next level.