4 02, 2021

Bad decisions

This former A- list actress who yachts more now than she acts, was on a cursed show. Back during the run of the show, she let herself be photographed naked with the girlfriend of a disgraced photographer. He uses those to coerce her into other sexual situations.

12 10, 2019

3 blinds in a row

The A list everything in her mind gave "zero f**ks" about the fur protesters she recently encountered. / This married closeted former Glee actress spent most of the last movie she filmed spending time with her girlfriend. / This A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee was all smiles at a premiere this week, but can't stand her handsy A- list co-star.

24 02, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This former A list mostly television actor doesn’t really act anymore. His spouse and her friends go around social media using aliases. They falsely accuse one of the actor’s victims of the same crime he committed upon her. / This B list dual threat actress might actually be a better writer/director than actress. She has a big movie being released which is going to bomb. It might be the reason she was drowning her sorrows in coke and booze at premiere after party this week.

17 11, 2018

I have never figured out why she has not come out.

This B+ list mostly television actress sounds a lot like something legal if you use her name a certain way. Anyway, she is married to a guy, but she was definitely making out with a female model at NYFW yesterday. She looked so happy. I have never figured out why she has not come out.

9 06, 2018

3 blinds in a row

He used to be one of the edgiest comedians around and was headed for permanent A+ list status. Now, he is still an A list comic but has lost his edge and is more interested in corporate paychecks and groping as many women during meet and greets as possible until someone says yes. / This married former A- list mostly television actress turned B+ list mostly movie actress all of you know, but probably can't spell has been out of the country filming and spending almost every night at one of the world's biggest sex clubs / A major expose is coming on serious environmental violations at the factory. Pretty soon, this celebrity CEO will be adding the EPA to his alphabet soup of serious problems.

9 10, 2017

His family wants to know if he is bearding for his wife

Apparently the pressure is really mounting for the husband of this former B+ list singing actress from that canceled ensemble show. His family wants to know if he is bearding for his wife and on the other side her long time girlfriend thinks they should come out and get married to each other. The actress will never do it. Not with that family of hers.