19 10, 2019

She can’t even fathom how many ended up dead after beatings or overdoses.

Over the years I have told you about a foreign born actress I know who has also spent a lot of time in the adult entertainment business and modeling, all throughout Europe, but primarily in France. Although very difficult to sometimes track down because of her work which often involves turning off a cell phone or leaving it with someone for a week at a time before being returned, I finally was able to reach her. She has always been a good source, more for information that gives background or who the big players are in the yachting world, or actresses and celebrities she sees participating in yachting.

22 06, 2019

She is thinking about it.

As soon as the Thursday night numbers were in for this box office disaster, this A+ list director texted this former A+ list mostly movie actress and said the only thing that could get her back on track after this many disasters was another Oscar. He wanted to know if she had changed her mind about getting back together for a few nights and he would cast her again in a role sure to do that. She is thinking about it.

3 02, 2018

4 blinds in a row

Model was spotted in a bathroom stall.. Rapper recently lost a baby. He will go after any woman making the accusations if the price is right. It is getting pretty embarrassing. He is hooking up with a woman who used to be a beard for him back in the day.

18 11, 2017

It is why she dumped her ex.

Speaking of cheating, this foreign born franchise A+ lister who is A/A- list for all other movies hooked up with a woman he met at a party. I'm not sure why his actress wife (Oscar nominee/winner) of several years now constantly puts up with his cheating. It is why she dumped her ex.