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March 29, 2019

He had to crawl to get to his Uber

This actor is mostly television, but definitely done some big movies too. He has been A-/B+ list for close to four decades and is on a very hit cable show right now. He was falling down drunk at a party last week and had to crawl to get to his Uber.
December 29, 2013

He bought dinner for an entire restaurant

This height challenged comic actor with the very long career as a B list television and movie actor bought dinner for an entire restaurant two weeks ago. There were over 100 people in the place and paid for it all. When the people asked for the bill at the end of the night they were told it was taken care of but not by who.
October 11, 2013

He started cutting back with this assistant

This actor is A list. I don't know how many people have earned permanent A list but he has to be there. Television movies and theatre and he has been a star in all of them. He has been working non-stop for almost 40 years and has gone from one hit television show to the next with some truly memorable film roles thrown in the mix. He has been married forever to an actress. They have gone through lots of ups and downs and over the past few years it seems as if there have been more downs than ups and part of the problem is our actor's heavy drinking but also part of the problem is one of his assistants.