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September 23, 2020

The producer killed the actor.

A producer died earlier this year. It was cancer and he knew it was terminal for about six months. I guess that is the reason the police decided not to arrest him for the murder of an A-/B+ list actor who was on a hit show at the time of his death. Apparently the actor wanted to break off a relationship he was having with the producer because he found someone not married and also age appropriate.
May 4, 2017

Someone should ask her what part of the “writing” she did.

This television actress who really wants to be a successful singer won’t be. We all love Idina but we all know she is not going to be getting her songs played on the radio until Frozen 2. This actress is the same way.
April 23, 2017

His real friends asked her to stop talking about him.

She’s at it again. Despite being asked to stop, she won’t shut up about her “ex”! Most celebrities in fake relationships have the good sense to simply stop talking about the fake relationship after a while, as they or the other person will have usually moved on to other relationships, and talking about the old one would simply be tacky and awkward.
May 3, 2014

The star was sober before he died until he went to one of Singer’s parties when he relapsed

Which TV producer is sweating bullets because he's dreading the info about him feeding drugs and booze to that deceased star of one of his shows is about to be revealed? The star was sober before he died until he went to one of Singer's parties when he relapsed.
January 22, 2014

Used to rush home with her co-star and have sex with him

This B- list mostly television actress who can also sing, used to rush home with her co-star and have sex with him before her other co-star roommate would get home. Those two ended up dating.
December 16, 2013

Powder is the significant explanation for their very slim physique

A director recently checked into rehab. While the reports do not say what he is being treated for, we happen to know his vice of choice. It’s cocaine. And if you don’t particularly care about the director, perhaps you care about some of the actors with whom he has worked. Especially the cast of this popular TV show. Because during the time that he was directing a few episodes, he had no problem sharing happy powder with some of the young cast members. Let’s talk about two of the cast members. One of them is no longer on the show. However, one still is, and the powder party never stopped for them. In fact, it’s a significant explanation for their very slim physique.
October 9, 2013

She wants to control everything about the timing

This B list mostly television actress from a former hit network television show that just fills out the lineup on a network now was forced to trade some favors to make sure a photo of her kissing a guy were not released for a few weeks. She wants to control everything about the timing so people don't get the wrong idea. Whatever.
October 9, 2013

She has lost a fairly dramatic amount of weight

This talented girl is the star of an ensemble television show. She has lost a fairly dramatic amount of weight since the first season of the show. She says it was only ten pounds, but it was actually closer to twenty pounds. She attributes the maintenance of that dramatic weight loss to a lot of exercise at work, a healthy diet, and vitamin shots. Ha!
September 20, 2013

She is “friend” sad

Ah, faux couples. A male and female actor who star together in a television series or a film or film series, and then fake a relationship outside of the project for the publicity. Their fans and "shippers" really want to believe that the relationships are real, give them cute nicknames (e.g."Robsten"), write fan fiction about them, and dream about them getting married and living happily ever after. Then we come in and tell you the truth. This blind item is going to hurt more than most for many reasons: Because this television show is still on the air. Because the show’s fans are very passionate (and a little crazy). Because they want to believe that an on-screen relationship became on off-screen relationship. Because one half of the couple supported the other half when they were going through a personal crisis. And, finally, because half of the couple isn’t here anymore. Yes, she is sad that he is gone. But not "girlfriend" sad. She is "friend" sad.
September 15, 2013

She is supposed to be in mourning for her lost love

This very talented actress is the lead on a popular TV show. She got in a bit of rest and relaxation recently at a $5000+/night luxury resort on the California coast. She wasn’t alone. She was with a dark-haired man who looked to be approximately ten years her senior. It wasn’t her father. Or her manager. Or her agent. They shared their accommodations – which included a tub with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean – so it probably wasn’t a business meeting.
September 8, 2013

Former boyfriend once called out the C listers name during sex

This B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit network show that is starting to wind down hates one of her C+ list former co-stars. Why? The former boyfriend of the B+ lister once called out the C listers name during sex.