9 06, 2021

He has no idea what he’s doing

Of course the former A+ list teen actor turned A+ list grifter wants in on the NFT (Non-fungible token) grift. However, his pathetic attempts demonstrate that not only does he have no idea what he’s doing, but doesn’t know how to even have one made.

23 01, 2021

He can send as many emails as he wants, with as many excuses as he wants…

This former A list teen actor I wrote about this week, is apparently not happy that he is being called out for not calling someone out for their past behavior. Isn't that what he wants to expose? Isn't that what he asks for money to do? So, when, right in your face, you have someone you can expose, but don't, is really telling. So, he can send as many emails as he wants, with as many excuses as he wants, but he won't actually do what he has promised to do.

8 01, 2021

Now he’s shilling pre-sales for his exclusive album.

The former A-list child actor’s last grift was a flop, and he’s nearly broke again. So now he’s shilling "pre-sales" for his "exclusive" album. The price would be exorbitant for a world class talent, let alone a pitiful pretender like our former actor.

3 11, 2020

Her choice.

This three named A- list actress has her own truth and call her own story as she sees fits. So, if she is still not ready to call out the alliterate former A list rocker specifically by name who likes to use drugs with the A+ list actor, who se.xually assaulted her and abused her, that is her choice.

5 09, 2020

Quick money grab

With no more money to squeeze from followers, the former teen movie actor is trying for a quick money grab from an almost network. He is hoping to get a settlement which gets him his own show.

24 06, 2020

Be warned.

This former A/A- list teen actor is getting called out again for being a fake and looking for any way to take your money. Be warned. Right now he is having his wife try and stand up for him. The same wife who blocked me once I started calling him out.

29 04, 2020

2 blinds in a row

As I have been telling you for quite some time, this back in the day A list teen actor is all about taking as much money from your pocket as possible. Yesterday was a particularly bad day for him as he was exposed for who he really is. / The former reality star all of you know forgot to mention the drugs he was doing, only those of the other party he is in a fight with.

24 03, 2020

He really needs to find a new PR move

The former A list teen actor really needs to find a new PR move. When you are supposedly fearing for your life and wanting the world to pray for you while also promoting your new movie in the same sentence, it is an obvious set up.

17 03, 2020

It was low hanging fruit.

As I told you would happen, there was nothing new aired in the documentary of the former A list teen actor that had not been said before. It was low hanging fruit. Will everyone get refunded from online? Not a chance.