14 01, 2021

I’m sure his significant other is thrilled.

This foreign born former A+ list athlete who frequently retires whenever a drug test is scheduled, is dodging a half dozen sexual assault lawsuits and two paternity lawsuits. I'm sure his significant other is thrilled.

14 11, 2020

He will be back.

The only reason the foreign born serial cheating rapist "retired," is that he wouldn't be able to pass a drug test.

11 02, 2020

Serial rapist’s return to the ring.

It figures that the massive online tabloid who isn't a friend to victims of sexual assault sold massive amounts of ad space promoting the foreign born serial rapist's return to the ring.

7 12, 2019

They are blowing it off and letting him work.

There is not one or two, but three women accusing the foreign born athlete of sexual assault. No matter though, the company he works for can make some money, so they are blowing it off and letting him work. / Another woman is about to come forward saying she was sexually assaulted by this foreign born A list athlete who keeps facing no consequences for his actions.

11 11, 2019

Somehow he keeps getting those work visas.

This foreign born athlete who sexually assaults women when he cheats on his significant other should be barred from going to other countries because of it and what happened today, but somehow he keeps getting those work visas.

1 05, 2019

Kind of ironic

The taunts by this foreign born fighter directed at another foreign born now former fighter about what the former fighter is being accused are kind of ironic considering the accusations leveled at the former which have been documented in this space.

19 02, 2019

2 blinds in a row

When he entered the country during this most recent visit, US immigration officials asked the government of his home country about the charges of rape supposedly being leveled against this foreign born A list athlete and were told there was nothing pending, so immigration let him in. / Even if he knows her real age, it probably wouldn't have stopped this really quick rapper who has beaten fans from having sex with a minor. This just gives him a convenient excuse as she makes her story public.

30 09, 2018

3 blinds in a row

I'm not sure anymore why this woman sticks around for this foreign born A list athlete. / This former A+ list host all of you know is cheating on his wife with someone from his production company. / This foreign born A+ list singer/rapper e-mailed some proof of conquest so to speak to his former A+ list rapper who then confronted his A+ list wife.