8 01, 2018

6 blinds

She needs professional help but her label won't let her. He is making his celebrity offspring girlfriend give lapdances to their bodyguard

21 02, 2014

This is Fashion Week. I am Fashion Week!

Fashion Week: This A list super model who flirts with reality television and has a sweet sounding name was blocking an exit by talking to a reporter and wouldn't move out of the way to let a group of people out. "I'm f**king ________ and you can wait a minute. This is Fashion Week. I am Fashion Week. Now shut up and let me finish."

16 02, 2014

“I was glad when I heard Naomi kicked her ass”

Fashion Week: "She's a bitch. Everyone hates her." "She likes to think that the world revolves around her. I was glad when I heard Naomi kicked her ass." "She pretends to be straight but she was always the biggest coke hound at a party." "She thinks we are best friends. The reason I haven't talked to her in so long is because she stole some of my bookings and also said some of my designs were hers." A three minute interview with this model married to a B list actor who divides his time between movies and television. Not real good luck with television lately. The model was talking about the model from Blind Item #4.

16 09, 2013

She wasn’t acting married

This A list model who also does other things has a squeaky clean reputation. She is also married. She wasn't acting married at a show yesterday though when she was pleading with an older man in a suit to give the couple another chance and that she would find more time to spend with him and that she was sorry she had been so busy and that her husband was going out of town and now they could be alone.

5 09, 2013

She’s only beautiful on the outside

She’s beautiful on the outside… and ugly on the inside! This nasty celebrity – who stars on a current TV show – may well be one of the most unlikeable people on the planet. She is so filled with jealousy and rage that the slightest thing can set her off. Are you prettier than she is? Do you make more money than she does? Are you getting more attention than she is?