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August 12, 2017

She took photos with them and then paid their bill on her way out

This B+ list mostly movie actress who had a great supporting role on a long running now defunct network comedy was at Serendipity this week and paid the bill for a group of twenty who had waited in line for two hours to get in.
November 26, 2013

She is getting increasingly desperate

This is an interesting and surprising couple. They costar on a popular television show. They are not a couple on the show… but they are having an affair in real life! Why haven’t they taken their relationship public? Well, at least one of them is already in a serious relationship! The rest of the cast and many of the crew know about the affair. We’ve watched the show to see if we could see a trace of their off-screen relationship on screen. Nope. They are both good actors. The sparks are only flying off screen. One Way To Distract From A Failing Marriage: She is getting increasingly desperate.