26 12, 2018

2 blinds in a row

These parents started off well with making sure that their A-/B+ list offspring stayed away from possible predators, but they have really started to slack off and the offspring has been seen at dinners and at parties with men double and triple her age. / This alliterate A- list mostly television actress from a hit network show got her fame from something other than acting. Not sure why she doesn't announce her split with her boyfriend considering he is now hooking up with someone else.

7 09, 2018

When you look deeper…

If you look at it superficially it doesn't make much sense that a foreign born permanent A+ list designer would be collaborating with someone young enough to be grandchild.

6 12, 2017

A New Predator To The List

A New Predator To The List: The stories keep piling up with the things this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee did to women. Apparently his favorite game was to tell women he is gay so it was OK if he saw them naked and that because he is gay it didn't mean anything if he groped them or did all kinds of inappropriate things.

4 01, 2017

Articles need to be about the kid

Whilst you were all drinking and eating and having a good time, I was getting my bitch on to the nth degree... whilst simultaneously drinking and eating and having a good time. Yes, I was up to some good old fashioned networking over the holidays and I happened to obtain some of the details of a working agreement between this A-lister and a few media outlets.