8 01, 2014

Scolding she got a few years ago left its mark

This B list mostly movie actress who is B list only because of her A+ list name recognition popped into a store to pick up a pack of cigarettes. When she was recognized by some people in the store the actress left the cigarettes on the counter and fled. Apparently that scolding she got a few years ago must have left its mark.

14 09, 2013

She had a recurrence of her cancer

This almost A list mostly television actress who goes from show to show like a treadmill has A list name recognition. She also has had a recurrence of her cancer. She seems pretty hopeful.

21 08, 2013

Speaking to Demi, ignoring Ashton

A couple of years ago, this A list mostly television actor from a hit network show named Ashton Kutcher was at an award ceremony with his wife Demi Moore. Apparently this B+ list mix of television and movie actress who is well known by everyone and made her fame back in the day on television and has been in some really big movies took a liking to Ashton.