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April 21, 2014

Bullygate is over… and Our Actor won

As you know, we wrote several blind items about how one young actor was being bullied out of his job by two other actors on an ensemble TV show. It was a really ugly situation. Well, we have just learned about a stunning development! There was SO much fan outcry about his departing the show that the producers have been forced to reverse their decision! Bullygate is over… and Our Actor won! Here’s what happened: During several sit-downs with Our Actor, the producers totally reversed course about his leaving!
April 6, 2014

Actor told Costar: You are ruining the show!

This Actor on a current prime-time television series hates one of his male Costars. So what did he do about it? He plotted to get him kicked off the show! We told you about this situation in an earlier blind item. The Actor met with the show’s producers to tell them that Costar was the reason that the show’s ratings had declined and that they should replace him with someone else! Well, the Costar read the blind item, found out that this event really happened… and all hell broke loose on the set! Costar confronted Actor.
February 26, 2014

Will Actor 2 be marginalized or fired?

This blind item is an fascinating one because it involves several actors from a popular television show… and shows how their nice on-screen images have little in common with their evil off-screen behavior! This popular network show has been on the air for a few years. Although cast members have come and gone, two of the original cast members – Actor 1 and Actress 1 – are still on the show and are probably the most well-known.
October 12, 2013

He picks his partners based on availability and attraction rather than gender

We already told you that this television actor is bisexual. Today we’re going to provide you with a lot of details behind both his sexuality and his recent public and private relationships. It’s quite a story, so hang on to your slushies! For him, sexuality isn’t about being straight or gay. It’s a continuum, and he picks his partners based on availability and attraction rather than gender. Yes, it’s confusing if you think that people are one way or the other, and that they should be consistent and publicly honest about their preferences. He is just doing whatever he feels like doing on any given day, and hooking up with whomever of whatever gender whenever he wants… while maintaining the veneer of being a straight male. Our actor publicly identifies as straight with a steady girlfriend. He privately identifies as bisexual – but mostly straight with a lot of "experimental" hookups with men.