16 11, 2020

Kindness: He apologized to the attendee for having a conflicting photo op time

It’s a little known fact that this well known B actor, best known for a long time role on a show everybody knows about, had a bit part in this film franchise that everybody also knows. He was a guest at an event for fans of said franchise and I was tasked with keeping an eye on the autograph lines for this actor and another guest. Along with the other guests at the event, the actor was doing photo op sessions with fans.

17 03, 2019

He just couldn’t/wouldn’t.

This B+ list mostly television actress is the offspring of someone she will never eclipse on the fame ladder. She was also wasted on pills last night at an event and talking about how she tried every night for a year to get this closeted actor all of you know to have sex with her, but he just couldn't/wouldn't.

3 11, 2017

She needs to run away now.

This B+ list mostly television actress doesn't have the last name but she is the offspring of several levels of celebrity from people much more famous than she.

9 01, 2014

She says she was never more grateful for a cold winter in her life

This former A list mostly movie actress who doesn't work enough to maintain that level is B list and probably will be for a long time because of her name. Offspring of a celebrity and proud of it. What she isn't proud of is she says she has gained 40 pounds in the past year and is considering having surgery for a lap band because she doesn't have the willpower to lose the weight on her own. She says she was never more grateful for a cold winter in her life.