23 03, 2022

3 blinds in a row

The meme actor was wasted drunk this past weekend and spent a solid 30 minutes trashing the one named A- list actress. / Since the boxer/rapist/YouTuber wasn't going to marry her, the girlfriend needed to go back to yachting and earn some money. / Speaking of tools, this three named actor that no one really likes, is cheating on his significant other.

29 10, 2021

Actor is doing it again.

This serial cheating three named actor is doing it again. This time it is with someone, who liked the three named actor, peaked several decades ago in a hit network show.

2 07, 2021

Paps were too busy with other clients.

Speaking of thirsty, this former A- list actor who is still technically married to his actress ex, called the paps to come take some shots of himself and his girlfriend. There were no takers. They were too busy with other clients.

9 03, 2021

She was promised money.

This foreign born barely there celebrity says the former A- list actor she briefly hooked up with last year promised her $10K, but didn't give her anything at all. She wanted to sell her story, but no tabloid was willing to meet her price.

22 10, 2020

He was outnumbered 50 to 1 by women.

Earlier this month, this disgraced former A+ list director finally shut down his party room. He opened it in late March at the height of the stay at home order. Apparently he didn't think it applied to him and was having problems finding women who wanted to hit the casting couch. So, he started scouring Instagram for "models" who wanted to party and make a few extra bucks or become an "actress."

5 09, 2020

3 blinds in a row

Apparently this former A+ list rapper is not allowed to be with his children without supervision. / Don't believe the hype. There are no other Marvel superheroes with a deadly illness. It is all for clicks. / Apparently this A/A- list mostly movie actress would have to give up millions of dollars to get divorced from the out of work television actor who was once the bigger star. So, for now, the divorce is on hold.

23 08, 2020

This is going to be messier than Donald Trump’s hair during a windstorm

Celebrity breakups happen with or without a pandemic, but this famous and attractive couple made headlines when they announced their split out of the blue (we thought they were SO happy!) They promised to make the divorce painless and civil- but THAT didn’t last long, and now the gloves are off! Johnny Depp and Amber Heard might have some competition for Most Embarrassing Divorce.

7 06, 2020

Interesting analogy

The feeling when your celebrity drug dealer becomes the boyfriend of your actress wife. Interesting analogy he used considering her tattoo and what I wrote about earlier this week.

11 07, 2019

She definitely meets the fame portion of it all.

In addition to yet another imminent divorce filing against her husband again, this A/A- list mostly movie actress fulfilled all of The Club's requirements this weekend. I don't know why she would do that unless they started accepting people who don't have Oscar noms/wins. She definitely meets the fame portion of it all.