11 10, 2020

Home inspector said he thought he saw two ghosts.

The old manager is always trying to sell off things for more cash. I really can't believe she raised the price of one property. Several years ago, someone made an offer and the home inspector went to inspect it and said he thought he saw two ghosts. The mother and the daughter.

2 04, 2014

The family hopes she can escape, but she has no place to go that she would accept help from

For the past few months things have been getting worse. What was always a volatile relationship has turned more violent than volatile. Family members have tried to help this C list reality star offspring of this former A+ list entertainer (singer). From people I have spoken to who have been inside the home of our C lister, things are bad. There are drugs everywhere. There is cash everywhere. It is like watching Scarface. The significant other of our C lister thinks he is the next Scarface. The thing is he sucks at business. He just uses the money of our C lister to make it seem like he is making millions of dollars. Instead he is spending every cent she gets in the second it comes in and has made her sign all types of documents which have basically cost her most of her future income for the next few years. When he doesn't keep her drugged up he beats her.